How to exercise to burn belly fat

Monday, January 04, 2016 by

If you’ve ever wanted to shed pounds, research has shown that it all depends on the type of exercise you do.

More specifically, it relies on you working out hard enough to breach your lactate threshold. In this case, only High Intensity Interval Training will do.

In a study utilizing 27 women that were overweight, three groups of nine were asked to exercise in different ways. One group worked out below their lactate threshold, one went above it and the other team did no work.

What made this study groundbreaking was the fact that both exercises were controlled so that participants burned the same number of calories, no matter the intensity. By the end, it was found those performing high intensity workouts that took them above their lactate threshold burned a lot more, including from the belly.

As to why this lactate threshold breaking was important, scientists didn’t comment. It’s simply the waste product produced by muscles being exerted and protects our bodies from overdoing any exercise. All the same, it serves as mounting evidence that if you want to see results from your workout, you have to push yourself.

The best way to find your threshold is to simply run in place. As soon as you’ve found a pace you can only do for one minute before you’re out of breath, you’ve found your ideal intensity.

Next if you incorporate a regular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regimen into your exercise plan, you’ll be taking full advantage of this science.




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