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05/04/2016 / By Julie Wilson

A growing body of research suggests that smoking marijuana may actually provide a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, in

04/20/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Did you know that planting certain types of crops together encourages growth and vitality? Companion planting, as some like to

04/18/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Last year Costco became the largest organic food retailer in the U.S., selling $6.1 billion worth of produce and about

03/11/2016 / By Julie Wilson

The Natural Medicine Summit is right around corner, but fortunately there is still time to sign up for this unique

03/02/2016 / By Julie Wilson

We are proud to announce this year’s upcoming Natural Medicine Healing and Wellness Summit featuring 30 natural health professionals who

02/22/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Over the past several weeks Natural News ran a series of reports detailing the method in which a little known,

02/22/2016 / By Julie Wilson

CBD oil, which is increasingly being used to treat a variety of medical conditions, is a form of cannabis oil

02/10/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Gum disease is a silent but deadly killer that affects nearly 50 percent of adults age 30 and over. If

02/04/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Often times we must look no further than to nature for some of life’s most fascinating phenomena. Our environment plays

01/27/2016 / By Julie Wilson

Russia is poised to become the world’s largest supplier of organic foods, after taking a stand against genetically-engineered seeds last

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