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    Holistic veterinarian: Feeding your pets raw food will zap them back to life!,

    Animals are really no different from humans when it comes to reaping the benefits of a healthy, natural diet. Just like how junk food has proven to be horrible for human health, most commercially processed pet food also contain a bunch of cheap and disgusting crap, such as fillers, synthetic ingredients and chemicals — none of which provide your furry loved one Read More


    Coconut oil’s health and longevity effects proven by centuries of medicinal tradition,

    One of today’s most popular superfoods is coconut oil, as its superb health benefits are essentially endless and offer something for everyone. While scientists gave coconut oil a bad rap for awhile due to its saturated fat, it’s far from being a health hazard as we now are learning that certain types of saturated fats Read More


    Women: Give in to your chocolate cravings, you’ll feel happier and thinner,

    The information in this article couldn’t be timelier with the recent celebration of Halloween. Unless you’re some sort of alien or an obsessive health fanatic who never eats sugar, ever, it’s likely you’ve had a few bites of chocolate over the spooky holiday. Don’t fret! It’s OK. What I’m about to tell you isn’t new news, Read More

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    A beginner’s guide to essential oils,

    Quintessential for maintaining whole body health, essential oil use dates back to ancient Egypt, which is revealed through recipes that were recorded in hieroglyphics on temple walls. If you’re new to using essential oils, or simply looking to deepen your knowledge of them, Abundant Health’s book Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to Therapeutic Use of Read More

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    Health benefits of pumpkins: Cancer-fighting, wound healing and skin-protecting,

    Everyone loves summertime as it’s often spent sipping cocktails poolside, or floating the winding rivers of the Texas Hill Country (that is, if you’re from the Lone Star State). However, the change in season is greatly welcomed as the leaves begin to change colors, softly floating from the trees, and the air turns brisk and Read More