Vigorous Exercise Helps Prevent and Treat Cancer

The topic of cancer and cancer prevention has been on my mind lately. I know several people who are dealing with the horrific disease, and I am seeing how common it is becoming in today’s society.

There are millions upon millions of dollars that are being put into cancer research every year for those who already have it. But did you know that there is a pretty simple preventative measure that you can take that comes along with a whole bunch of other amazing benefits?!

Exercise! Now when you’re on the treadmill thinking about all the calories you’re burning and using it as motivation, you can also think about all the cancers you are avoiding!

There have been several studies done which support the fact that not only does a good, hard work out help prevent cancer, but it helps to treat it if you do have it.

According to an article titled “Exercise Shown to Shrink Tumors and Reduce Cancer Spread” published by Natural Health 365, “For now, research shows us that exercise supplies that surge of adrenaline that enables more effective movement of cancer-killing immune cells toward cancerous tumors.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen determined that a surge of adrenaline, induced by high-intensity exercise, gave a boost to cancer-killing immune cells, pushing them toward lung, skin and liver tumors.”

This doesn’t mean a short little walk that doesn’t raise your heart rate. This means a good, long, hard work out that leaves you tired and a little out of breath. It is also recommended to take it a step further, and utilize opportunities to be active. Take the stairs, park farther away, and keep that heart pumping throughout the day.
So, whether you’re working out to lose weight, for therapeutic purposes, or just to be physically fit, now you can rest easily knowing that you’re doing everything you can to prevent a wide array of other potentially deadly diseases as well!



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