Here’s What You Should Have in Your Fall Gym Bag

( Summertime means warmer temperatures, which, in turn, means you probably put on fewer articles of clothing each day. That makes it easier to pack your gym bag, too: throw in some shorts, a tank, a sports bra, socks and sneakers and voila: you’re ready to break a sweat.

Colder weather calls for a bit more preparation, though — you don’t want to slip into a pair of shorts and out into the brisk fall air, after all. Instead, you have to plan how you’ll be comfortable in both climates and pack accordingly.

To make that task a bit simpler, here’s a checklist of what you need to throw in your gym bag this fall:

  1. Versatile Leggings: Obviously, the weather gets a bit colder in fall, and we’ve already mentioned that you won’t want to walk out of the gym in your shorts. Therefore, now’s the perfect time to invest in a few pairs of longer leggings so that you can stay warm while maintaining all of your mobility while working out.A good pair of leggings can make it simple to transition from workout to real world, too. In fact, you probably already wear leggings and how versatile they are. If you want to go out for, say, a pumpkin spice latte post-workout, plan your athleisure outfit around your favorite leggings. You’ll look less like you just worked out and more like a fashionista on the go.Of course, if you prefer to work out in shorts, there are options to make them more weather-friendly. Many runners layer running tights beneath their shorts for added warmth with even more freedom of movement. You’re sure to find the right combo for you through trial and error.
  2. Layer-able Tops: Just like your workout leggings, you’ll want to find tops that make it easy to transition from inside of the gym to outside. Some exercisers might prefer to bring a different top altogether since sweat plus gusts of wind equal a pretty cold walk home. Either way, find an ever cozy, always-fashionable oversized sweater to layer over your outfit so that you don’t have to worry about the weather post-workout.
  1. Rain-Ready Sneakers: As seasons change, it’s common that we see more precipitation; the fall-to-winter transition is no exception. If you’re an outdoor exerciser, you’ll have to consider your footwear so that you can work out safely despite weather conditions. Some running shoes are better to wear in the rain: they provide traction and balance even if you’re on damp, leaf-covered grounds.
  2. Hand Sanitizer: So many wonderful things come with the onset of fall — unfortunately, sickness isn’t one of them. The flu, for one, can be seen as early as November, and no one wants to kick off the holiday season from a sick bed.One way to battle against the flu, colds and other common fall ailments is to keep as many germs at bay as possible. The gym isn’t a great place to accomplish that, since you likely share machines and equipment with other members who might still exercise despite feeling under the weather.You’ll obviously be diligent about wiping down your machines before and after use, but bring your own bottle of hand sanitizer to further protect yourself from sniffles and sneezing that make the season less than enjoyable.
  3. A Good Towel: We previously mentioned that cold outside winds make post-gym sweat feel less refreshing and more uncomfortable and cold. Not only are work out towels essential to keep in your gym bag to eliminate germs, but wiping down with a quality towel will get you as dry as possible before the commute home. There are plenty of characteristics that make a good towel, including its absorbency, size and softness. Find the right one and you’ll be embracing — rather than bracing for — the famous fall breezes.
  4. Knit Hat or Cap: It’s easy to wick moisture from your skin with a good towel, but your hair is a different story. You can try dry shampoo, especially if you have somewhere to go post-workout: it can help soak up some of the moisture and oil in your hair after a good sweat session.Unfortunately, a hot yoga or cycling class might leave your hair wet. Anyone who has walked through cool winds with wet hair knows how uncomfortable of a sensation that is, so throw a stylish hat into your bag pre-cardio. You can try a knit hat, baseball cap, or even a hair scarf, depending on your style.
  5. Moisturizer: Your skin is the first line of protection you have against dropping temperatures, and, many times, it shows. After a workout, it’s even more important to moisturize since you’ve sweat out some of your body’s water supply. A layer of moisturizer can quench your skin before you step out into chillier temps; it can also soothe skin irritation.

As temperatures drop and the sun sets sooner, it might be harder and harder to find motivation to get yourself to the gym. However, with the right preparation, you will have no hesitation in hitting the gym: you’re ready to face fall when you’re done, after all.  

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